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Sunday, December 19, 2010

YakTrax Pro Ice Grippers

YakTrax Pro Ice Grippers

Price: $17.00 - $49.99
Sale: $21.95 - $29.45 on select options

Traction cleats designed to help you hike on packed snow or ice
Made of high-strength, abrasion-resistant 1.4 mm steel coils and natural rubber
Provides 360 degrees of traction on cold surfaces for all-direction stability

Stability for active winter activities

The YakTrax Pro Ice Grippers give you stability while walking or running on ice and packed snow. Made with a more durable rubber blend than the original Walker, this version of the ice gripper features a removable strap, for use in deeper snow and more demanding winter activities. Slip them on and go winter trail running, ice fishing, snow shoveling or for working in the yard. With the Yaktrax Pro, you will instantly notice the ability to move naturally while walking or running on the potentially dangerous winter ground. Also known as yak trax pro, yaktracks pro and yak tracks pro.

How do they work? You can slip the YakTrax Pro Ice Grippers on your shoes or boots in seconds. Start from the front and stretch them over the back heel. Secure the removable strap and off you go. The patented SkidLock coil system grips the ice and gives you traction in every direction. The coils are made of a rust-proof, specially treated steel, yet have no damaging spikes like conventional ice cleats do.


Fits Shoe Sizes Small Medium Large X-Large
Men's 5 -
9 - 11 11.5 - 13.5 14+
Women's 6.5 - 10 10.5 - 12.5 13 - 15 15.5+

The YakTrax Pro comes with a 90 day warranty.
  • Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Color: Black

  • For less demanding, everyday winter activities try the YakTrax Walker Ice Grippers. This is the original version and they're great for the elderly, walking to school or work, dog walks or just getting around town.

    YakTrax Pro Ice Grippers

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